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This past year has been an exciting journey for me and working on this blog has been truly rewarding.  However, I will be closing down this blog for now so that I can focus on some of my other interests and commitments.

I hope that you were able to enjoy some of my branding takes concerning celebrity and pop culture.  Thank you so much for reading and participating in this blog and I hope that one day I can come back and dedicate more time to this venture.

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Celebrity Endorsement: Alicia Keys Tasked With Reviving BlackBerry

Photo Courtesy of the Toronto Sun.

Photo Courtesy of the Toronto Sun.

Alicia Keys is know for a lot of things. She is know for powerful love songs that can make you cry, for being an amazing singer and for being married to another musical genius.  Now she will be known for attempting to save BlackBerry.  Recently, Alicia Keys signed on to be the Global Creative Director for BlackBerry.   Ms. Keys is known for lending her name and presence to other brands such as Reebok, Dove and Vitamin Water.

So as the new “showrunner” for BlackBerry Alicia Keys’ reputation is kind of on the line.  Although BlackBerry was the first company to put email on your cellphone they are pretty much a dead technology due to the popularity of iPhones and Android devices.  Yes, BlackBerry has managed to still be the “go to choice” for many professionals who are issued work phones but they haven’t made the significant foothold in the marketplace that Dell has in being the leader of computers for corporations and schools.  Therefore, it seems like they turned to Alicia Keys to position themselves as a refreshed/re-branded company that would like to have more street cred and not just be know as an OG phone company.

Many industry insiders are confused by Alicia’s participation with BlackBerry but if anyone can make this company a hip and cool contender I think Alicia Keys certainly can.  Here are a few tips for Miss Alica and Blackberry to ensure this collaboration is a successful one.

1. Focus on the Cool.  Alicia Keys is totally cool and a trendsetter in her own right.  She has a style all her own and in order for BB to succeed they will need to create a sleek identity of their own.  Playing catch up is never easy so in order for Blackberry to succeed they need to remember the innovation that made them famous and build upon that in new in creative ways.

2.  Leverage the Celebrity. A. Keys knows a lot of people.  A lot of influential people that use cell phones.   So a great idea would be to get some of her famous friends to join with her as the brand’s taste makers.  Look, some people blow with the wind when it comes to brand loyalty and a few sleek commercials with her famous friends using the BB could go a long way in reestablishing the company in the marketplace and minds of consumers.

3. Find the Next Hit.  Remember Instagram and how cool it became when it was just on the iphone? Blackberry needs to focus on creative cool apps that initially live exclusively on the phone and that are fun and useful to their users.  I am sure Alicia Keys has some ideas on how to make her live easier as a mom, rock star and wife and they should tap in to her ideas to creative exclusive content that is only available on the BB.

The Fix: Hillary’s Next Move

Photo Courtesy of

Photo Courtesy of

Now that Hillary Clinton has officially stepped down from her post as Secretary of State, I would like to speculate on what her next move should/will be.  Here is my list of opportunities that I think would be great for her.  P.S. these suggestions will be sure to take her brand to even more heights.

1. Open up a school for women–  Oprah did it and in my opinion it should have been done in America 1st so why not open up a school in America, maybe in NY or D.C. that is centered around uplifting girls and empowering them to be successful women.

2. Endorse a beauty brand/product.  I think that Hillary has proven she is the definition of grace under fire and hooking up with something like Dove and their real beauty campaign would be great. The money she gets from being an endorser can go towards building that school for women, you know just a thought.

3.  Run a political agency.  It’s no question that Hillary knows her way around a campaign and she could be instrumental in helping women and minorities get elected to House and Senate seats which is desperately needed in the country.  I think she would be able to elevate this country to even greater heights by putting all of her year’s of knowledge to work.

 4.  Produce a movie based on her life.  I would love to see a movie based on her book and the next chapter of her life.  I mean don’t you really want to know what went down after Bill did what he did and how they were able to move on?  Her life is fascinating and I think it would be cool to do a documentary or even something scripted that told us the real story and that was actually endorsed by her.  If Game Change can will multiple awards then this should blow everything else out of the water.

Hit or Miss: Rhianna’s New Line


Jetsetter, trendsetter and image maker Rhianna is set to launch her 1st line at London Fashion Week in just a few weeks.  She is collaborating with River Island, a UK based store that is similar to fast fashion stores such as H&M, Forever21, Asos and Zara.  Given Rhi Rhi’s ability to effortlessly rock street wear during the day and glam it up on the red carpet at night, this collection is certain to be memorable.  Although I am extremely excited about this collection I am optimistically cautions about her “fashion designer” fashion debut.  So here are a few tips to make sure this launch is on brand for the pop singer and will ensure it is a hit and not a miss.


1. Give the people you.  What I mean by this is don’t create a collection influenced by a dream you had last week or some other new agey weirdness.  Be authentic to your brand and present a collection that is both street chic and items that can be worn to a special event.  Everyone buying this collection wants to rock at least one piece that is totally you and some want to emulate you entirely so give them your best.

2.  Recognize who your customer is and don’t price items too high.   A lot of designers and celebrity collaborators make the mistake of trying to price their customers out of the water, which turns into bad press and low sales, both are not favorable to one’s brand.  Keep the pricing comparable to what is already in the store is the key to success.

3. Do your very best! This is really important because although I am pretty sure Rhianna is not actually designing every single piece of this limited edition collection she needs to put her stamp on every piece.  I can’t tell you how many celebrities who’s style I admire produce lines of clothing they would never wear.  So this line better be as fly as Rhi Rhi or its going to be a disaster.

You can learn more about her line here and here.

2013 Super Bowl Commerical Leak

Kate Upton appears in a 2013 super bowl commercial

Kate Upton appears in a 2013 super bowl commercial

Each year we all engage in an American tradition called watching the Super Bowl.  But this is also a notable time for advertisers.  As football winds down for the year ad companies are just ramping up.  So if you want to look really smart at the Super Bowl party or actually be able to go to the bathroom during the commercials here is your cheat sheet to a few of them…Enjoy!

Sunny Side: 2013 Volkswagen Game Day Video with Jimmy Cliff (Get Happy)

Kate Upton Washes the All-New Mercedes-Benz CLA in Slow Motion

Coke Chase 2013 Ad

Flaming Lips Super Bowl Ad for Hyundai 

2014 Kia Sorento Space Babies Big Game Car Commercial Teaser

CENTURY 21 Super Bowl Commercial: “Wedding”

Miss: Find God’s Match for You ?

Screenshot of

Screenshot of

Online dating is now as common as cellphones and fast food restaurants and Christian Mingle is just another site aimed at helping you find love.  But is their claim of “Finding God’s match for you,” ethical or just a fun slogan?

I recently read a Washington Post article on this very successful dating site and how they beleive they are finding your match through the man upstairs.  According to the post Christian Mingle is owned by the same company that runs other matchmaking sites such as JDate  (a Jewish dating site) and  Spark is a California based company that owns 28 other niche match making sites.  Knowing that they own so many other match making sites seems like it might be teetering on something that is not totally on the up and up.

I totally get that online dating is a multimillion dollar business that will not go away and Spark should mostly be allowed to say whatever they want when trying to gain and retain members, but I still cannot get past the fact they are using God as a marketing tool.  Most people who actually believe in God or a higher being themselves may look to a site such as a place to find like minded people, and maybe they will but do we have to bring God into it?  Its like naming your real estate company Christian Houses and saying that “God will find your home.”  Its unethical to prey on people’s vulnerabilities and religious beliefs.

A spokesperson for the site says they slogan “… encompasses who we are and how we define our community.”   That may be true but claiming they can find God’s match from you is taking it a bit far.  It may even open themselves up to future litigation.  “As a legal matter, the slogan raises “some troubling questions,” said George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley. The most important one, he said, is, “Where does puffery end and misrepresentation begin?…”

Overall, while it is undoubtedly a catching slogan its not accurate, they are not receiving divine intervention on their dating matches, and they probably want to be careful about the claims they make on a site that claims God is involved with the potential wierdo’s you may meet on the site. Good luck with that.

Social Media Hit: SNL Digital Short – YOLO

In case you missed it, Andy Samberg made a guest appearance with host Adam Levine this past weekend and created another legendary digital short.  Personally I think they should bring Samberg back just for this purpose every week.  Check it out below.

Bonus:  These are some of my favorite Samberg collaborations that I felt we should revist!

I’m On A Boat 

D!ck In A Box


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